I am headed out on the trail again…. my favorite place to be.

To jump in on another adventure…. my favorite thing to do.

I am a third grade teacher at an independent boy’s school where I am fortunate to find myself surrounded by an amazingly supportive adminstration and encouraging team of teachers to  work with. I am a teacher who expects a lot of her students and who gives them a lot in return. I believe kids learn best by doing, experiencing, and experimenting.   Don’t we all?

I have always been a dancer… or a dance teacher… or a choreographer.  And now I’m not.  And I miss it.  I really, really miss it.  I am grateful to my former students who gave so much of themselves to me and I am thankful that they keep me up to date about their lives frequently.

I am the daughter of one of my best friends and the wife of the other.

I am, at my core…  a mother to the most amazing seven-year old boy ever to walk the face of the earth (but I may be a tad bit biased).  He has rocked my world from the day he entered it.  And he says he is proud of me. How amazing is that?

I hope you enjoy taking this journey with us… my students, my family, and I.

Hope to see you Dancing Down the Trail….

If you wondering how this adventure begin, you can read the prequel at On the Trail with R Squared.

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