2017 Rondy Wraps Up!

img_8361Day Three of the Rondy Races was a moment to remember for sure! 66 year old Roxy Wright won the race for the fourth time, and the first time in 24 years. She’s still the only woman to have won the Rondy! What an amazing accomplishment to witness!

For me, today was the easiest of the three days. No painting involved! Just count the dogs as they went out and count them as the came back in! It did get a little fast paced as the teams really piled up coming in at the end… but it all worked out!

After the races I headed of to the Lakefront Hotel which serves as the headquarters for the Iditarod at race time. The hotel is well on the way to becoming the hot spot for Iditarod activity… offices are being set up, volunteers are arriving to start signing in, and lots of last minute preparations and decisions are being made! I had a few meetings about the Teacher Conference which starts Monday evening and about my “job” as Social Media reporter during the week…. so watch for me to be reporting from the Iditarod Faceboook Page! 🙂

I got to meet the finalists for next year’s Teacher on the Trail. They are in for quite an experience this week as they work harder then they have ever worked to earn the coveted position for next year.

We headed over to Zoo Lights at the Anchorage Zoo which was pretty neat. We saw quite a few animals still milling about which kind of surprised me. The Siberian tigers were prowling about, as was the porcupine, the coyotes, and the reindeer. The wolves were curled up in tight balls, just like sleeping sled dogs. The most awake critters were the seals. One seal put on  quite a show… splashing the water with is fin and tail, blowing bubbles, making sounds… it was a lot of fun to see!

I also got a chance to talk with Nathan – seems like training is going well! He has twenty dogs here in Alaska with him from which he’ll pick his final team. I posted about his runs over on his blog if you want to check it out:  https://schroedermushing.com/news/

Today is filled with more meetings and then tonight we get the ball rolling by welcoming the teachers in for the opening reception and then we are off and running!

One thought on “2017 Rondy Wraps Up!

  1. Hi Mrs. Reiter! We are having a fun time, but we miss you! Can you please get some autographs (specifically Dallas Seavey!) at the Awards Banquet. Will B. is still hungry! We’re still learning, even though you’re in Alaska! We can’t wait to hear more news!!
    Love, your 3A boys.

    Tell the Mushers “Never give up!”

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