Moose, Reindeer and Dogs

img_8291Day two got off to a pretty Alaskan Start… a moose in the driveway! Luckily she moved along before we needed to head down town for day two of the Rondy Races!

For the second day, our job as painters was a bit different. We went img_8295to each musher and asked if they were going to drop any dogs from their team (dogs who wouldn’t be racing today). Dogs who were dropped were painted with a yellow spot next to yesterday’s green spot. This will prevent those dogs from being able to have a day of rest today and then run  again tomorrow. Once they are dropped from the team, they can’t be reentered. The rest of our job was the same as yesterday, count the dogs out and count them back in again around 90 minutes later. The weather was so much better today though! Yesterday it rained for the first two hours – getting all of our gear soaked – before it turned over to snow. Today was a bit colder, but sunny!

Arleigh Reynolds (sprint musher and veterinarian) told me yesterday that you plan for Rondy to take 90 minutes, anything less that that is spectacular. Yesterday, Roxy Wright (who is running Arleigh’s dogs) came in at 88 minutes. Today, three mushers broke the 90 minute mark: Roxy Wright, Buddy Streeper, and his wife Lina Streeper. While Buddy won the heat today, Roxy maintains her lead overall. Lina leapt from ninth place to third – quite a feat!

I had my first reindeer hotdog of the trip while waiting for the mushers to come back in – Yumminess!

This evening was capped off in yet another only in Alaska event – listening to Hobo Jim perform live!


All in all it was a wonderfully Alaskan day!


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