Sunday, Pike’s Landing, Fairbanks, Alaska

I have arrived in Fairbanks, the new location of the 2015 Iditarod Restart.  For only the second time in the 43 year history of the race, the restart is happening in Fairbanks.

And Fairbanks is welcoming the race with open arms.  It seems like the whole town has turned out to volunteer and support the race.

And oh my gosh is there snow.  Lots and lots and lots of snow.  It snowed all last night, it snowed all day today, and it’s supposed to keep right on snowing.

That white stuff falling from the sky has certainly put everyone with two or four legs in much better spirits!

the Upon arriving at Pike’s Landing which is serving as race headquarters here in Fairbanks, I found out a few perks that come with my media badge….  access to the press briefing and press field trips!  With no real duties until later this evening, I decided to take full advantage of both!

At the press briefing we were welcomed by the mayor of Fairbanks and the president of the tourist board.  We got a glimpse into the way the race would be staged tomorrow and some thoughts about where the press would and would not be allowed.  There was also some discussion about the lack of wi-fi in the earliest checkpoints… which unfortunately has no impact on me as I’ll be on my way home to Baltimore this time tomorrow!

For our Fairbanks tour we went to see the pipeline, the visitor center, the ice carvings that are a part of the World Championship being held here in Fairbanks, and the antique cars at Fountainhead Museum. It was an interesting way to spend the afternoon and I got to see some things I hadn’t seen this summer when I visited which is neat.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That evening, my friend Kerry and I worked a shift checking in dog handling volunteers with Sara Lamont who is the coordinator for the ReStart. It is truly amazing just how many people give up their time to make this even happen year after year.  The volunteers continue to impress me!

And finally, after a very long day, I am headed to bed…. the dog lot opens at 5:30 tomorrow morning….

And then it finally starts for real.

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