Ask, and you shall find out….

I have arrived in Anchorage and am getting ready to go to the Millenium Hotel to start my first volunteer shift, so I’ll write all about that when I get back tonight.

But, meanwhile, back at Gilman…

The boys are continuing the lesson we began the day before I left school. The focus in Math this week is counting money and making change. The boys are knee deep in a four or five day project that is attempting to give them a sense of what it is like to prepare for the Iditarod. This week is all about gathering the supplies they will need to survive and succeed in the race. They have been given a generous donation from their sponsor and are shopping for their needs. On Wednesday, they shopped for sleds, ganglines, harnesses, tow lines, and neck lines. On Thursday, they shopped for their mandatory supplies – things like axes, snowshoes, booties,  vet needs, etc. They will also be shopping for food – probably their biggest expense and weight! They will hopefully stay under budget… but only time will tell!

While we were discussing the idea of drop bags and how all of those tons of supplies are shipped off along the trail, the question came up about scooping the poop. The boys wanted to know if the mushers had to pack bags to scoop the poop along the trail and in the checkpoints.

I had to turn to our expert friend Angie Taggart to get the answer. She reports that no, scooping the poop isn’t something they need to plan for. On the trail they let it be and in the checkpoints the volunteers take care of the cleanup after the teams depart.

When I Skyped with boys today, their thought was that scooping poop in the checkpoint is not a volunteer job they would be interested in!

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