Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher

I am sitting in the Seattle airport, for my second of two four-hour layovers….. but I had to pop in to tell you about my ride to the airport this morning.

My third graders especially will love this story…..

The very nice gentleman who drove me to the airport needs to be a student in 3A for a while. He asked where I was headed on my trip, so I explained that I was going to Alaska.

He was a little surprised and a little confused.

He wondered why anyone would go to Alaska in the winter, so I explained I was going for the Iditarod and how I have been using the race as a teaching tool and how excited I was to go back and see the race start for a second time. He had never heard of the Iditarod, so he got a little lesson in the history of the race.

Then he asked…. “Is Alaska a part of America?”

Oh my.

Well, as you can imagine, the rest of the car ride seemed more like a Social Studies class then a car ride.

He now knows probably more than he ever wanted to know about the history of Alaska! I wish that my students had been there. They could have probably taught the “lesson” themselves!

6 thoughts on “Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher

    • Honestly – I think I sat next to my dad on the flight from Atlanta to Seattle…. the most amazing conversation with a university professor about life, education, and the environment….

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