Musher Draw

Once we had all of our musher stacks completed and had analyzed the probability of different characteristic combinations winning the race (see last entry for details), we were ready for what they boys were all waiting for…

The Official Musher Draw!!

On the Thursday before the start of the Iditarod, the mushers, race officials, volunteers, and fans gather together for the Musher Banquet. At the banquet the mushers come to the stage in the order that they signed up for the race. On stage they reach into a mukluk and pull out a chip with a number on it. The number is their starting order for the race. They then walk to the podium to announce their start number and usually say a few remarks or thank their sponsors. The boys of 3A will be well represented at the Musher Banquet this year… we won the design contest and have mailed thirty centerpieces to be placed on tables at the banquet!

draw (2)

For our musher draw we put all of our musher stacks into a super sized mukluk.  The stacks were created in the previous lesson from linking cubes.  The colors on the cubes represent diferent charactersitics of the mushers.   One at a time each student came to the “stage,” reached into the mukluk and pulled out a stack. They had to choose a musher that matched the profile they chose. They made their selection and announced it to the rest of the class.


The probability observations that we made with the mushers in the last lesson carried through into our own draw. We predicted most boys would pull male, veteran, from Alaska stacks… and we were right- much to their excitement!

Another male, veteran, from Alaska gets pulled!

Another male, veteran, from Alaska gets pulled!

I have to thank Steger Mukluks for their amazing donation of a pair of mukluks for our Musher Draw. Mrs. Rizzuto and I visited their shop in Ely, Minnesota last year. I fell in love with the store and left with a beautiful pair of mukluks! After attending the 2012 Musher Banquet and realizing that the mushers draw their numbers from a mukluk, I emailed Steger Mukluk and asked if they had any seconds or floor samples I could buy for our own draw. They generously offered to send me a pair at the time of their summer Garage Sale!  If you are ever in the market for mukluks, you should check them out here.

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