Who Runs the Iditarod?

Wordle: 3A Iditarod

So who runs the Iditarod?

Part of what makes it such an unique sport is that men and women compete together and age doesn’t matter.  This year we will see  mushers from as far away as Jamaica, Brazil and New Zealand.  Fathers and sons will race against each other.  So will brothers.  A set of twin sisters are racing.  So are six champions: the youngest champion and current champion Dallas Seavey, the first Inupiat champion John Baker, four time champions Lance Mackey, Martin Buser, and Jeff King, and the only five time champion Rick Swenson.  It’s stacking up to be an exciting race!

We worked with the math concept of probability as we investigated the mushers and tried to make a prediction of characteristics the winning musher might have!

We started by looking at three sets of characteristics of the mushers: gender, experience, and residency.  Using the official roster of mushers, the boys worked with a partner to create a circle graph displaying their information.

Experience Graph

Experience Graph

Gender Graph

Gender Graph

Residency Graph

Residency Graph

2013-02-06 13.54.55

The next step was to identify the twelve profiles that mushers could have based on those three characteristics.  For example we have male veterans from Alaska, female rookies from the lower forty-eight, and male veterans from outside the country.  Using unifix cubes we created musher stacks to represent each musher and display their characteristics.

2013-02-06 14.04.43

When the musher stacks were grouped together it was easy for us to make our probability based predictions.  We are predicating that a male veteran from Alaska will win the Iditarod.  We are certain that a female rookie from a foreign country will not win!

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