A Gilman in Alaska!

Did you know you can visit Gilman in Alaska?

I didn’t, not until yesterday at least!

I have known for a few years of a Gilman connection to the Iditarod. Danny Dent, who is the parent of a former Gilman student, competed in the Iditarod twice. In his rookie year, 1999, he didn’t complete the race due to an injury. In 2000, he came back and completed the race and earned his belt buckle!

But this week, I’ve learned of a second Gilman connection to Alaska.

I have been emailing a park ranger at Glacier Bay National Park for a few days. Yesterday she sent me a few pictures. One is of Johns Hopkins Glacier and the other is of Daniel Coit Gilman Glacier!

Daniel Coit Gilman was the first president of Johns Hopkins University. When Mrs. Carey began to plan and establish a school for boys, she sought the advice and help of Mr. Gilman who was considered an expert in education. She went on to found The Country School for Boys, also known as our own Gilman School.

In 1890 geologist and Hopkins alum Harry Fielding Reid and his partner William Skinner Cooper discovered and named the two glaciers. The story goes, that they may have chosen those names because they were seeking extra funding for the project! Cooper went on to become one of the driving forces behind preserving Glacier Bay for research.

Emma Johnson, a ranger at Glacier Bay says, “There is a glacier here named for Daniel Coit Gilman.  It’s a relatively small tidewater glacier, but it does have a recent claim to fame: the Johns Hopkins Glacier is adjacent to it and has started to advance.  As the Johns Hopkins has advanced, it has run into the Gilman Glacier.”

So there you have it. Take a trip to Glacier Bay National Park and visit Gilman while you are there!

You can see a picture and read a bit more about Hopkins Glacier here.

Special thanks to Miss Todd, Lower School Librarian and Emma Johnson, Park Ranger at Glacier Bay National Park for helping me put the pieces together!

One thought on “A Gilman in Alaska!

  1. I visited Glacier Bay National Park in 1993 and saw Johns Hopkins Glacier. My husband was a student at Hopkins so I was curious and I asked about the name. I never did get an answer. Mystery solved! Thanks!

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