The Last Box is Postal!

The last box that needs to get to Alaska is in the mail….Well maybe not the last one…

I may still ship some materials for my presentation….

But for now…

The last box that needs to get to Alaska is in the mail…

Five boxes of centerpieces, one box of blankets, and finally a box for Angie Taggart.

Angie is a musher who will be running her second Iditarod this year. She is also a teacher. Well, she’s a teacher when she’s not in training for the Iditarod that is! Mrs. Rizzuto and I had a chance to meet her last year while we were in Alaska for the teacher’s conference. We were thrilled when she offered to Skype with us during math one day.

Skyping with Angie!

Skyping with Angie!

She spoke to us from her dog yard and took us around to meet her dogs. We learned something new from her about dog sled racing. Sometimes mushers don’t have enough dogs of their own to make a team so they lease dogs from other mushers. Mushers can start the Iditarod with 16 dogs, and usually  like to have a few more tested, trained, and ready to go just in case.  Angie is leasing several dogs to round out her team this year. She reports that they get along very well with her dogs, but sometimes if they start fussing at each other she just uses her “mean teacher voice” and they settle down. It costs her about $500 a dog to lease them  for the race season. At the boys request, she even went into the house to get her Finisher’s Belt Buckle to show them.  Each musher wins a belt buckle the first time they finish the race and it’s something they are always VERY proud of!  She shared a lot with us about her life and her dogs and VERY patiently answered everyone’s questions.

This weekend, Angie is racing in the Northern Lights 300, so we are anxious to see how she does.

We sent her a pink Gilman hoodie. We think pink is a particularly appropriate color because she is running this year’s race to raise awareness of breast cancer in honor of her mom. The boys also wrote her wonderful letters thanking her for her time, wishing her luck, and asking even more questions!

You can follow Angie’s adventures on her blog here.

We wish Angie the best of luck and we can’t wait to follow her down the trail!

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