Blankets for Pups

What does every dog dropped during the Iditarod need?

A fleece blanket made by a student!

Stu Nelson, the chief veterinarian for the Iditarod has sent out the call!  He would like to send fleece blankets to each checkpoint along the trail to be used with dogs who are dropped from the race while they await their flight home.  Dogs may be “dropped” or left at the checkpoint if they become ill or injured in order to protect them.

We joined with Mrs. Rizzuto’s math class to take on the challenge of making forty fleece blankets each measuring three feet by three feet.

2013-01-19 17.52.53The boys were pretty surprised that three feet by three feet would be big enough.  They weren’t convinced, so we measured it out on the floor and then put our husky in it!  We aren’t sure if the plan is for the dogs to sleep on the blanket or to be wrapped up in the blanket, but either way it seems to work!

The first challenge was to calculate the amount of fleece needed and how much money it was going to cost.  They boys wrote in their math journals to calculate their answers and explain their thinking.  We realized that three feet was a yard and that material is typically sold in yards.  We discovered that fleece was on half-price sale this weekend, so we calculated the total amount of money it should cost.  We even remembered to think about including the tax!

You can see some journal samples here…

The next day the boys worked with a partner to cut out the blankets and then label them with our school name and city and state.

2013-01-22 14.08.53

The blankets were then boxed up and  joined the pile of things 3A is sending to Alaska for this year’s race!

We hope they help keep the doggies warm!!

2013-01-22 17.10.18

One thought on “Blankets for Pups

  1. Love how you were able to do “real life math” to figure out how much it would cost to make the blankets! (And it was a good reminder for me that 3 feet equals a yard!)

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