The Call

Tuesday, January 15th was a big day.  It was a day I had waited for since mid-November when I packed my heart and soul into five binders and mailed them off.  It was a day I had waited for since starting work on those binders in June.  A day I had waited for since the first Saturday in March of 2012.  It was the day the call would be made.  A call telling me whether or not I was one of the chosen three.

They say, “A watched pot never boils.”  And so I was afraid it would be the same with the phone.  I tried to not watch it. I tried to not panic every time I had to leave the classroom.  I tried to control my heart when the phone rang at 8:30, but only rang once.  But everyone was feeling the pressure, even Mrs. Rizzuto who sat in my room and waited for the phone to ring when I couldn’t be there.

But, ring it did.  Right before I had to go outside for recess duty.  “You are one of our finalists.”

I am one of three finalists for the Iditarod 2014 Teacher on the Trail ™!

And so the adventure begins again!  I’m headed back to Alaska.  I hope you will follow along with me and the boys of 3A as we head out on the next leg of our race to Nome.

It’s sure to be a wild and bumpy ride!

You read the official announcement here.

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