Artwork Bound for Alaska!

Mrs. Reiter isn’t the only thing from 3A travelling to Alaska for the Iditarod!

For the second year in a row, the students of 3A have won a place at the table for the Musher’s Banquet.  The banquet is held the Thursday before the race and is where the mushers draw for race starting positions.  Each year the Iditarod Education Department holds a contest for school children to design centerpieces for the tables at the banquet.

During the fall we worked with Mrs. Knipp on a mock-up model.  The boys wanted to feature the Northern Lights and a dog team and musher and snow.  They really wanted snow!  In fact, they wanted to build in a fan that would continually blow snow around in the centerpiece so it would look like a snowglobe being constantly shaken!  That idea never quite worked out right.   They worked on the art concepts of overlapping and silhouettes.

The Prototype

The Prototype

We found out the day before we left for Winter Break that our design had been chosen!

Last week (on Tuesday the 15th – told you that was a big day!) we had a massive art workshop and prepped the 30 centerpieces.  The boys had already prepped the bases with tissue paper to represent the Northern Lights and glitter to look like ice and snow. Mrs. Knipp had already sprayed the outer domes with snow.

The boys split up into three teams.  One team papered the inner domes with blue and white tissue to  look like snowbanks.


Covering the Inner Dome

A second group drew and cut 150 evergreen trees from construction paper.


Cutting Trees

The last team traced and cut the musher and dog team silhouettes from black paper.


Cutting the Dog Teams

Then everything was assembled together into the final product!

2013-01-19 17.53.24

The next step will be to prep everything for shipping to Alaska!

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